Thursday, December 20, 2018

Chavez, Navarrete Elected Latino Caucus Co-Chairs

PHOENIX, State Capitol Senator-elect Tony Navarrete and Representative Cesar Chavez were elected on Wednesday to lead the bi-partisan Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus as co-chairs. Navarrete, of Phoenix, was just elected to the Senate after serving District 30 in the House for two years. Chavez, also of Phoenix, has served District 29 since 2017. Both Navarrete and Chavez are also members of the Arizona LGBTQ Caucus.
Incoming House member Lorenzo Sierra of Avondale in District 19 was elected Caucus Secretary. Sierra was a longtime member of the Avondale City Council before running for the Legislature.
“Latinos comprise more than 31 percent of Arizona’s population, which means that policy should be representative of its community," Chavez said. "As Co-Chair of the Caucus, my promise is to advocate for parity whether it is for employment, education, or healthcare. We need to ensure that the Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus is not overlooked when these decisions are being made within the legislature or within the numerous industries that Latinos represent.”  

"The Latino community represents the future of Arizona," Navarrete said. "It is critical that the Governor and Legislature work closely with the Latino Caucus to ensure all Arizona families have an opportunity to live healthy lives and thrive economically. As the newly elected Co- Chair along with Representative Chavez and Secretary Representative-Elect Sierra, we are committed to leading the state's largest legislative caucus with transparency and collaboration." 

Sierra added, "According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, it was found that Latino Americans are more likely than the general U.S. population to believe in the core elements of the mythical American Dream. As legislators from majority Latino districts, Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus co-chairs Senator-elect Tony Navarrete, Representative Cesar Chavez and I see this in the people we are privileged to serve. We intend to work with the entire ALLC to ensure we are doing all we can to ensure Arizona Latinos have a fair shot at achieving the American Dream."

The bipartisan Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus has 27 members from both the state House and Senate. Members hold strategic leadership positions and promote legislation and policies that directly affect Latinos in Arizona. The caucus also encourages Latinos to engage in the political process through public policy and community events.


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