Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chávez Appointed Vice President of Membership for NHCSL

PHOENIX, State Capitol – Rep. César Chávez was appointed on Wednesday as Vice President of Membership for the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators. NHCSL includes Hispanic state legislators from both parties who communicate and advocate for Hispanic communities in the United States and territories. Chávez was appointed by Senator Carmelo Rios, the Puerto Rico Senate Majority Leader and President of NHCSL. Chávez's position will deal with recruitment for NHCSL.

"NHCSL has always been a voice for Latinos on numerous controversial issues that have surfaced in the United States. They have always taken the bold position of doing what is right for our communities," said Chavez, D-Phoenix. "It is an honor that I will be serving in the capacity of Vice President for Membership. Thank you, President Carmelo Rios, for your trust. I will serve our organization with the utmost respect and dignity.”
Chávez also the Co-Chair of the Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus and the first formerly undocumented member of the Arizona Legislature.


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