Water and Climate Change

Finally, an urgent bipartisan priority must be to secure Arizona’s dwindling water supply and tackle the climate crisis. It is undeniable that we are now experiencing the consequences of climate change and nowhere is that clearer in Arizona than our water levels at Lake Mead which are falling faster than anyone projected. In Arizona, 84 percent of the state is experiencing severe drought conditions and is preparing for additional cuts. We must increase and prioritize funding to conserve water sources for millions of people in the West and in Arizona to buy precious time to develop longer-term solutions.

The climate crisis has brought unprecedented fires, drought, water shortages, and extreme heat. Without action, the crisis will only get worse. We know the extreme heat we are experiencing is the direct result of human-driven climate change. Time is running out, and Arizonans need leaders to act on clean energy growth and come together to make job-creating investments to cut pollution, address environmental injustice, and tackle the climate crisis head on.

Now is our moment to go big, be bold, and put more people to work.


Now is our moment to go big, be bold, and put more people to work.