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Strong Schools

Arizonans agree that every child deserves a quality teacher and principal who will cultivate their lifelong success. Democrats have long fought beside parents, teachers, mental health professionals, administrators, education advocates, and business leaders to ensure investments in the resources our children need to succeed. Sadly, right-wing extremists have continuously undermined voter-approved investments in our schools and diverted taxpayer dollars to financially and academically unaccountable schools that can reject any student who doesn’t meet their criteria. That’s giving choice to the school, not parents.

“In our continued effort to support public schools we will uplift the voices of teachers, students and education stakeholders regardless of zip code.”


Democrats stand with Arizona families who want nationally competitive salaries for teachers and staff, smaller class sizes to improve student success, more counselors and other mental-health professionals on campus, investment in universal Pre-K and full day kindergarten, and a permanent solution to the archaic school spending limit.

The Education Committee

Tuesday @ 2p.m.

All education policy will pass through the Education Committee. All bills with funding attached will also pass through the Appropriations Committee. Meet our ED team of four teachers:


Rep. Jennifer Pawlik
Ranking Member


Rep. Judy Schwiebert


Rep. Nancy Gutierrez


Rep. Laura Terech

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