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The Housing Crisis

Housing is a human right. Currently, Arizona is experiencing one of the worst housing crises in the nation. As prices rise, so does our homeless population. While some see homelessness as the consequence of one's personal choices, our caucus is committed to addressing the root causes of this injustice.


Vilifying those suffering from mental health crises, substance abuse, and unstable housing will never fix this problem in Arizona. Above all, our caucus is unified in rejecting the further criminalization of those our state has consistently left behind. We know that housing is not a simple fix to systemic issues but must be paired with wrap-around services that ensure continued successful housing placement.

 We believe that safe and secure   housing anchors every other positive  aspect of an individual's life. 


The reality of this issue is grounded in astronomically high rents, corporate greed, supply chain disruption, and lack of affordable housing options across the state. Democrats look forward to passing legislation that gets people off the streets and into homes. Our policy priorities will work to relieve the housing supply shortage and strengthen every community across our great state by ensuring quality shelter for all.

The Commerce Committee

Tuesday @ 2p.m.

Most affordable housing policy will pass through the Commerce Committee. All bills with attached funding will also pass through Appropriations Committee. Meet our COM team:


Rep. Cesar Aguilar
Ranking Member


Rep. Leezah Sun


Rep. Analise Ortiz


Rep. Lorena Austin

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