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Equity for All

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in America. It is time we invest our resources to ensure every individual has the opportunity to thrive here. The physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all Arizonans can no longer go unnoticed by our state government.

 Without a doubt, our caucus 

 is ready to meet Arizonans   where they are, uplift the   guidance of experts, and   create a better reality for all. 


We are dedicated to protecting our LGBTQ+ communities and creating space where every family can grow without threats of violence. Race, religion, and identity should never be cause for government overreach or interpersonal violence. Policy must be a tool for community empowerment and protection - not oppression.


Our caucuses are committed to gender pay equity, finally passing the Equal Rights Amendment, and building a healthcare system that is focused on people not profits. Access to quality healthcare, childcare, and education will set our state up for generations of success.

While the issue of equality is wide-ranging, bills brought to increase equity are most likely to pass through Health and Human Services and the Judiciary Committees. Meet our HHS and JUD teams:

Health and Human Services

Monday @ 2p.m.


Rep. Dr. Amish Shah
Ranking Member


Rep. Alma Hernandez


Rep. Patty Contreras

Chris Mathis HS.jpg

Rep. Christopher Mathis


Wednesday @ 9a.m.


Rep. Analise Ortiz
Ranking Member


Rep. Melody Hernandez


Rep. Lupe Contreras

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