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The Water and Climate Crisis

The time has come to prioritize our precious resources with direct and unrelenting action. After years of Democratic leadership on responsible natural resource management, the Arizona Legislature successfully passed a bipartisan water bill that gave Arizona many necessary tools to strengthen water infrastructure, conservation efforts, and long-term augmentation. The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority was also modernized and expanded to address urgent statewide challenges.

In partnership with experts and stakeholder groups, our caucus is working on several ways to address these dire conditions and to find innovative measures to ensure clean energy growth and job creation.


However, our work is far from over, and we recognize how urgently our water sustainability issues must be addressed. With ongoing deadly fire seasons, global temperatures on the rise, and severe drought conditions across the state, it is undeniable that Arizona is feeling the direct impacts of climate change. Without swift legislative action, this crisis will only get worse.

The Natural Resources and Water Committee

Tuesday @ 2p.m.

The majority of water policy bills will pass through the Natural Resources and Water Committee. If there is funding attached, it will also pass through the Appropriations Committee. Meet our NRW team:

IMG_0321 - Stephanie Hamilton.JPG

Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton
Ranking Member


Rep. Oscar De Los Santos

Chris Mathis HS.jpg

Rep. Christopher Mathis


Rep. Stacey Travers

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