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Public Safety

Our caucus is committed to passing alternatives to mass incarceration for nonviolent offenders and rehabilitation measures that ensure successful reentry to society. Arizona still has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. Many communities live in fear of unnecessary police violence, exacerbated by poverty and inaccessible healthcare. Public safety encompasses far more than policing, but it is our responsibility to ensure that mutual respect is given to all who encounter law enforcement to sustain safe and prosperous communities.

Quality results will require quality legislative proposals with input from stakeholders, directly impacted communities, and law enforcement. Creating safe communities where our children can thrive and families can grow must be our top priority at the legislature.


Democrats will uplift policy that addresses the failed War on Drugs, the gun violence epidemic that is killing our children, the historically high rates of domestic violence, and the ongoing missing and murdered indigenous peoples epidemic. In partnership with the Biden Administration, our caucus will work to expunge all nonviolent marijuana charges.

The Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee

Monday @ 2p.m.

Most public safety policy with pass through the Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee. Meet our MAPS team:


Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez
Ranking Member


Rep. Seth Blattman


Rep. Jennifer Longdon


Rep. Mae Peshlakai


Rep. Stacey Travers


Rep. Leezah Sun


Rep. Myron Tsosie

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