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Defending Democracy

A majority of Arizonans have rejected election deniers and chosen to protect our democracy. At the State Legislature, we have been given a mandate by the voters- in partnership with Governor Hobbs - to defend democracy above all else.

 We are steadfast in our mission   to reject extremism, protect 

 mail-in voting, and repeal   roadblocks currently hindering   accessible voting for all. 


Our caucus expects a renewed assault on voting rights based solely on discredited conspiracy theories. This session will likely be used by the Republican majority to further push the "Big Lie" and discredit our electoral process and the hardworking elections officials across Arizona. Democrats will continue defending our election system, which encourages broad participation strengthens our democracy for generations to come.

The Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee

Wednesday @ 2p.m.

Most election policy will pass through the Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee. Meet our MOE team:


Rep. Melody Hernandez
Ranking Member


Rep. Laura


Rep. Cesar


Rep. Oscar De Los Santos

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