We expect an intensified right-wing assault against voting rights in the 2022 session. Last session, we stopped several catastrophic bills that would make our democracy less secure, but we must prepare for an even more vigorous assault this session. Instead of finding solutions to uplift Arizonans, right-wing extremists are obsessed with attacking our democracy and pushing voter suppression bills. Arizona registered voters have a right to be heard in fair and secure elections without interference or hurdles based on debunked conspiracy theories, the discredited “fraudit,” and the Big Lie.

"If you ever believed your vote didn't matter, your voice didn't matter, let this bill remind you it most certainly does...people in Arizona want to have the right to vote, they deserve the right to vote. This bill will kick 100-150k ppl off the perm early voting list"

- Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding

These tactics are part of a broader, coordinated attack on voting rights and democratic norms happening across the nation. The right is so threatened by progress and convinced that they cannot win fairly, that they actively attack our democracy at all levels. Despite a certified and extensively verified 2020 election, extremists continue to sow distrust as a means to pass additional restrictions on eligible voters, and especially on Arizona's popular and secure early voting system. We should be making it easier for all eligible Arizonans to vote, not harder. While we continue to support automatic voter registration and the repeal of needless roadblocks, we know the fight in the upcoming session will be to save democracy itself.

We should be making it easier for all
eligible Arizonans to vote, not harder.