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Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus Working Together for Arizona Families


FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus Working Together for Arizona Families

Chairs Representative Lydia Hernandez and Senator Anna Hernandez to Announce Legislative Bills Submitted Members

PHOENIX –Arizona voters elected 28 Latino legislators in November and they are working together diligently to advocate for issues that are critical for their communities. This legislative Session they also are a part of both the Democratic and Republican leadership teams.

The Latino Caucus Chairs and members will have a press conference to highlight member bills to address affordable housing, Arizona's water shortage, access to healthcare and other issues at 9:30 a.m. Monday, February 13, at the Arizona State Capitol Rose Garden, 1700 W. Washington Street in Phoenix. Other speakers include Senator Catherine Miranda and Representative Flavio Bravo.

“It is absolutely imperative that we inform our Arizona communities that their vote and their voices do make a difference, and our Legislative Latino Caucus numbers reflects that, "said Chairwoman Lydia Hernandez said. "They need to know that we are working hard to draft legislation that will improve their quality of life and we are striving to do it in a bi-partisan way."

Senator and Co-Chairwoman Anna Hernandez added, "We are working day and night to ensure that our Arizona families have a voice at every level of State Government. This means bringing those most impacted to help us build good policy that will ensure our communities are thriving."

The bipartisan Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus has members from both the state House and Senate. Members hold strategic leadership positions and promote legislation and policies that directly affect Latinos in Arizona. The caucus also encourages Latinos to engage in the political process through public policy and community events.


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