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Democratic Leaders Praise Veto of SB1600, Doctor-Patient Relationships Still Protected


February 4, 2023

PHOENIX – Senate and House Democratic Leaders praised Governor Hobbs' veto earlier today of Senate Bill 1600. The bill would have imposed criminal penalties on doctors if they don't comply with executing forced futile medical measures on a miscarried or stillborn fetus that is not viable outside of the womb. This bill is pushed by extremists, not medical evidence. Opposed by major medical associations, the bill would have devastating impacts on families experiencing complex pregnancy outcomes by inserting the government squarely in the middle of doctor-patient relationships.

"Doctors are already required to provide appropriate medical care by law, and Governor Hobbs followed their lead by vetoing Senate Bill 1600 " said House Democratic Leader Andrés Cano. "These incredibly difficult decisions can and should be made by doctors in consultation with patients—not politicians.”

“This is not about abortion. Arizona’s abortion ban at 15-weeks gestation is in effect,” said Senate Democratic Leader Epstein. “Senate Bill 1600 is a cruel attempt to interfere with evidence-based medical decision-making between patients and their physicians in often tragic and unexpected situations. Thank you, Governor Hobbs, for understanding that this bill is inaccurate, disingenuous, and offensive to pregnant people and the medical professionals who provide their care.”

“As a mother and expectant mother, this is personal for me,” Representative Athena Salman said. “Decisions regarding my pregnancy are between me and my physician, not extremists intent on spreading medical disinformation to incite emotions. Thank you, Governor Hobbs, for your unwavering commitment to defend the autonomy and rights of pregnant people by vetoing this offensive bill.”

“This bill specifically requires intervention on a non-viable fetus. Not only is it cruel to perform potentially painful procedures when there is no hope of success, but the bill has opposition from neonatologists, maternal-fetal medicine physicians, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,” Senator Minority Whip Eva Burch stated. “The government should not be forcing futile medical intervention upon grieving families, while threatening medical providers with criminal prosecution for doing what’s right for their patients. The inclusion of abortion clinics in the bill language confirms that this legislation is intended to target pre-viable fetuses, since no abortion clinic in the state performs procedures beyond 15 weeks gestation. Nobody is protected or supported by these kinds of measures.”


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