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Dems Deliver Key Votes to Ensure the Extension of the Transportation Tax, Prop400E, Hits the Ballot


July 31, 2023

PHOENIXLegislative Democrats lend needed votes to continue the dedicated half-cent sales tax to fund needed transportation investments for the country’s fastest-growing county, further building on the success the tax has delivered to the region and state since 1985 (nearly 40 years).

“As is customary, Republicans have waited until the very last minute to pass widely popular legislation that invests in the daily lives of Arizonans,” Senate Leader Epstein said. “These infrastructure investments and improvements are desperately needed for economic development in Maricopa County and across the state. Prop 400E will create $40 billion in new income, increase local business sales by $113 billion, reduce traffic congestion throughout the valley, and create or support 32,000 jobs annually.Our state should not have had to wait until July 31st to see this measure, which has had legislative support since the start of session, get sent to the ballot. However, with the support of Arizonans cities and towns, I am proud to join my Democratic colleagues in delivering the key votes needed to send the extension of the regional transportation tax back to the voters of Maricopa County.”

"Proposition 400 has helped our region grow and prosper for nearly 40 years," House Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras said. “More growth is on the way, so it is vital that we give Maricopa County voters the opportunity to extend that investment with a smart plan that meets the needs of all our residents, whether it’s freeways, streets, buses, or light rail. Democrats were determined to deliver on that plan. We stuck together and we overcame every obstacle put in our way. When Maricopa County voters approve this plan -- and I know they will -- then we can proudly say this bi-partisan effort improved the quality of life for generations to come."


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