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'It's Time, Negotiate' - Senate, House Democrats React to GOP Partisan Placeholder Budget Plan


January 31, 2023

PHOENIXSenate and House Democratic leaders released the following statements after Republican leaders introduced a near carbon copy of the 2022 budget signed by former Governor Ducey rather than work with Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs and legislative Democrats on a bi-partisan budget that reflects Arizona's needs and priorities going forward.

House Democratic Leader Andrés Cano:

"Arizona has real issues facing us that deserve real solutions. Trying to pass last year's budget because you are afraid to sit across the table from a duly elected Democratic Governor shows no vision and no ability to lead. Grow up and join us around the negotiating table."

Senate Democratic Leader Raquel Terán:

“This is not the time for trivial games. Republicans have decided to neglect the needs of our state and focus on pushing a radically partisan agenda. We cannot afford to undercut our constituents by tying our budget to the past. It’s time Republicans to act their age and engage in good faith negotiations. Democrats are ready to step up and deliver policy and a budget that makes reality better for every Arizonan.”


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