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LD 4 Senator and Representative Support Scottsdale Effort to Help Homeless Seniors, Families


July 11, 2023

PHOENIX – The City of Scottsdale recently announced it would use a $940,000 grand from the Arizona Department of Housing's Homeless Shelter and Services fund to continue a successful program to provide shelter in hotels and services to seniors, families and single mothers experiencing homelessness. LD 4 Senator Christine Marsh and Representative Laura Terech, both Democrats, today expressed support for Scottsdale's proactive efforts to address homelessness and the affordable housing crisis, and decried efforts to stoke fear about a successful program that has not created complaints or hazards previously.

"It's important to understand that there is nothing new about what the City of Scottsdale is doing except the level of state investment in their success," Terech said. "And it has been successful in transitioning seniors, families and single moms with kids out of homelessness over 80 percent of the time, with zero calls for police service or crime associated with the program. The bottom line is this was successful program now has an additional $940,000 to make an impact that our community desperately needs. Any attempt to stop this work or attack city officials is unconscionable as our state is facing a historic housing shortage and record-setting hot temperatures. No community is immune from homelessness or the affordable housing crisis, and Scottsdale should be supported for doing its part."

Marsh added, “It's simple: this program is working but fails to play into the extremist narrative that our homeless population is dangerous and unworthy of investment. As elected officials, it is not our job to stand in the way of progress. The city has found a path forward that supports some of our most vulnerable and makes our society safer in the long run. I am excited to see the work these new funds make possible and look forward to supporting the city in this work.”


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