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'Outrageous, Extreme, Devastating' -- House Democrats Respond to AZ Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Bans


April 9, 2024

PHOENIX – House Democratic leaders today said the Arizona Supreme Court chose chaos over common sense when justices chose to impose the draconian 1864 total ban on abortion that criminalizes reproductive care with no exceptions for survivors of rape and incest.


"The Arizona Supreme Court chose chaos over reason and common sense today," said House Democratic Whip Nancy Gutierrez. "This is outrageous, extreme and devastating because we know Arizonans overwhelmingly support the right to obtain an abortion and other reproductive healthcare. We must take immediate steps to repeal this archaic and cruel law, and to expand our rights. Our caucus stands with the vast majority of Arizonans who support these basic rights, and we won't stop fighting to expand them."


House Democratic Whip Melody Hernandez added, "Women will die if this law stands and medical professionals could be jailed. That is unimaginable, it is not supported by our constituents and it cannot be allowed to stand. Every Republican in the Legislature supported this total abortion ban passed during the Civil War, decades before we even became a state and women gained the right to vote. We know this because the Speaker and Senate President submitted an amicus brief on their behalf asking for exactly that result. We hope they will acknowledge their mistake and work with us to repeal this law before anyone is harmed."



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