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PRESS RELEASE: 'A Strong Start': Leader Cano Response to Hobbs Budget Announcement


January 13, 2023

PHOENIX - House Democratic Leader Andrés Cano released the following statement following Governor Katie Hobbs’ budget announcement Friday afternoon:

"Governor Hobbs has come forward with a fiscally responsible and balanced budget that makes game-changing investments for Arizonans. Her plan speaks to our shared Arizona values by addressing the affordable housing crisis, improving and repairing our public schools, training our 21st century workforce and strengthening our safety net to help pull our most vulnerable out of poverty. We are still reviewing the details, and we will have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, but this is a strong start.

The Republican proposal to put forward a 'continuation' budget before the Governor was able to share her own plan is just an extension of the disrespect that Arizonans observed on Monday when their members chose to leave the room or turn their backs on the duly elected governor. I'm deeply disappointed that Republicans did not give our Governor an opportunity to share her plan before passing judgement. This is not a productive way to start negotiations on what will have to be a bipartisan compromise budget."

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