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PRESS RELEASE: Chávez Honored with Phoenix Chamber 'Sentinel' Award


PHOENIX – Representative César Chávez was honored today with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce's Sentinel Award, which recognizes elected officials who "demonstrate exceptional ability in leadership, collaboration, and advocacy on behalf of the business community." Chávez is in his third term as a Representative and serves on the House Appropriations and Judiciary committees. He is also the first formerly undocumented resident to serve in the Arizona State Legislature.

"During his tenure at the Legislature, Representative Chávez has acted in true bipartisan fashion and is recognized as a go-to member on key issues facing the business community and beyond," said Mike Huckins, the Chamber's Vice President of Public Affairs at the awards ceremony held earlier today. "We are most thankful for his dedication and work on trade relationships with Mexico, which we all know is Arizona’s number one trading partner. And we would like to thank Representative Chávez for being a calm and thoughtful voice at the Capitol and for voting in a commonsense manner that benefits Arizona as a whole."

“Whether personally or professionally, I have always strived to serve as a bridge between opposing factors. So it is an honor to accept this recognition because it speaks to that advocacy," Chávez said. "As a representative of my community and other constituencies, and as a public servant of our state, my mission is to serve all Arizonans. That means working to provide essential necessities such as jobs, accessible healthcare, and a high-quality education.”


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