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PRESS RELEASE: House Democrats Condemn Violent Extremist Coup Attempt in DC


January 6, 2021

PHOENIX— House Democratic Leadership team of Reginald Bolding, D-Phoenix, Assistant Leader Jennifer Longdon, D-Phoenix, and Whip Domingo DeGrazia, D-Tucson, released the following statement about the violent attempted coup in Washington DC today.

"Today we witnessed a violent, unlawful, seditious and un-American coup attempt in our nation's Capital. It's important to restate that there has been no credible evidence of election fraud brought forward in nearly 100 separate lawsuits throughout our country, and absolutely no justifications for armed extremists to break into the Capitol and try to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power that has defined our nation from its beginning. This is an insurrection based on lies. More importantly, their disgraceful efforts will not work. Our Democracy will prevail, and Joe Biden will be sworn in as our next President, and our nation will be better for it. The Republican elected officials and party leaders, including members of our own Arizona State Legislature and Congressional delegations, who participated, planned and incited this behavior should bow their heads in shame and must be held accountable."


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