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PRESS RELEASE: House Democrats say no to hate, vote no on 'show me your papers' HCR2060


June 4, 2024

PHOENIX – House Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras released the following statement on the passage of HCR2060, the Republicans' discriminatory and dangerous new "show me your papers" measure, now headed to the November ballot.


"Today, House Democrats stood united against hate and division. We made it crystal clear that HCR2060 is an unconstitutional mess and a costly unfunded mandate that, if it becomes law, will deepen our state's deficit and bankrupt local governments in an effort to duplicate federal immigration efforts. It's a measure that will encourage racial profiling and make our communities less safe. I've never been so proud of our caucus, who stood up for our state and for our economy and against hate, division and politicizing a humanitarian crisis."

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