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PRESS RELEASE: Latino, Indigenous Peoples, African American & LGBTQ Caucuses oppose divisive SCR1007

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

PHOENIX, AZ Capitol - The Chairs of the Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus, Indigenous Peoples Caucus, African American Caucus and the LGBTQ Caucus released the following statement regarding two identical, unnecessary and divisive legislative referendums - SCR1007 and HCR2036 - introduced by Republicans to ban so-called 'sanctuary cities.' If passed, the language would go before voters in the November election.

"SCR1007 and HCR2036 are legally unnecessary, politically divisive, xenophobic measures designed by Governor Ducey and his Republican colleagues as election-year SB1070-style dog whistles. That racist law, which for the most part has been struck down by courts with the exception of its ban on sanctuary cities, caused irreparable damage to our state's economy, its reputation around the nation and world, and terrorized our Latino communities. For years Ducey has touted, rightly so, the progress our state has made in repairing its relationship with Mexico post-SB1070. But with these measures, he has demonstrated that he is willing throw that progress out the window, and throw Arizona's Latino communities under the bus, in a cynical attempt to increase voter turnout for Trump. We will not stand for our leaders once again terrorizing Arizona's people, sabotaging our economy and ruining our reputation as a place that welcomes everyone.

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