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PRESS RELEASE: Leader Bolding: House Democrats Take Stand for Democracy Against SB1485


April 20, 2021

PHOENIX— House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding released the following remarks regarding House Republicans passing senate Bill 1485, which would result in more than 100,000 voters purged from the Permanent Early Voter List, disproportionately impacting lower-income and voters of color. The following is a partial transcript of Leader Bolding's floor remarks – until Republican attempted to shut him down.

"To members of the public watching, you should be shocked, appalled and dismayed by what you are seeing in the Arizona State Capitol. As community leaders and elected officials we said go out and vote….and you did. In fact, you came out in record numbers in 2020. Thank you!

And because you did, your reward, has been an unprecedented effort across this country and here in this state to make it harder for you to do it again next election. We’ve seen more than 350 different bills introduced across the nation to restrict, revoke or make it more difficult to participate in democracy.

If you ever believed your vote didn’t matter, your voice didn’t matter, let this bill remind you it most certainly does. What we are seeing in this legislative body is an injustice to democracy. An injustice to the way we as Americans, as Arizonans, should have the right to participate in it.

People in Arizona want to have the right to vote…they deserve the RIGHT TO VOTE. This bill will impede that right and kick 100,000 to 150,000 people off of the Permanent Early Voting List

Democracy should be about an exchange of ideas, not political gamesmanship. Democracy should be about participation not preventing access to democratic voices.

This bill is not about election security. It's not about election integrity, it's about trying to game the system.

The right to vote for people of color to live and their right to vote are inherently linked together.

On a day when people of color witnessed a small measure of justice with the conviction of Derek Chauvin, here in Arizona we are taking a step backwards by now making it even more difficult for these same people to participate in democracy.

The effect of this bill will result in more independent voters, seniors, Native Americans, Black, brown and low-income people from having the ability to vote."

View video of Bolding's remarks below:


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