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PRESS RELEASE: Leader Bolding Statement on Ducey Signing PEVL Purge Voter Suppression Bill

Updated: May 12, 2021


May 11, 2021

PHOENIX— House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding released the following statement regarding the passage and signing of voter suppression legislation Senate Bill 1485 today.

"The speed with which Governor Ducey signed Senate Bill 1485 shows just how afraid of a fair fight Legislative Republicans have become. I want to thank everyone who cares about Democracy, including business leaders from around our state and around our country, for taking a stand for voting rights. I am sorry that Governor Ducey ignored you and let you down. The desperate desire of one party to game the system and hold onto power by erecting hurdles for voters of color and those with limited means overwhelmed any professed support for good public policy. Democrats, independents, seniors, Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, women and young people -- if you ever believed that your voice and your vote didn't matter, this bill is an absolute reminder that it does. Never forget that Legislative Republicans are afraid of how you will vote so they made it harder for you to vote."



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