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PRESS RELEASE: Lieberman Introduces 5-Bill Climate and Green Energy Package

For Immediate Release

February 1, 2021

PHOENIX – To kick off Environment Week at the State Capitol Representative Aaron Lieberman has introduced a five-bill package to help Arizona contend with climate change and create more green-energy jobs. Maricopa County had some of the worst air quality in the nation and 2021 began with record-breaking air pollution in the Valley. December was also Arizona's most intense period of drought in the past 20 years with nearly 77 percent of the state impacted. Lieberman said ignoring climate change can no longer be an option.

The most simple and direct bill that Lieberman introduced is a one-sentence measure, HB2496, "develop a plan to address the effects of climate change on this state."

"We have a responsibility and obligation to leave this beautiful state to our kids and grandkids in at least in as good a shape as we found it," said Lieberman, D-Paradise Valley. "The state of Arizona should have a plan to deal with climate change, what could be simpler? We need it, let's do it."

In addition to creating a state climate plan, Lieberman's bills include:

· HB2286 – encourages more water-efficient plumbing fixtures.

· HB2287 – a $1.5 million appropriation to the Department of Education to provide grants for electric school buses.

· HB2498 – Increases renewable energy capacity with $5 million to create grant program to spur research and development of improved battery storage.

· HB2528 – supports roof-top solar by allowing customers to distribute power they generate back to public power utilities.


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