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PRESS RELEASE: Longdon Calls for Action on 'Christian's Law' and Other Gun Violence Prevention Bills


JANUARY 20, 2023

PHOENIX – Christian Petillo was a shining light for those who knew him. A 15-year-old high school student from Gilbert, he was a great kid and a good son.On September 5, 2021, he and another boy went to a sleepover at a friend's house. At some point that night, the boy from the home brought out a lethal weapon.

Christian never made it home – the victim of an accidental shooting with an unsecured handgun.

In the hope of preventing future tragedies, Representative Jennifer Longdon is teaming this session with Christian's parents Bruce and Claire Petillo, to introduce "Christian's Law," which would require firearms kept at home be stored in a securely locked box. Longdon, a survivor of gun violence, has introduced safe storage legislation before, along with a host of other common-sense gun violence prevention bills, that have been blocked by the powerful gun lobby. She and the Petillos hope that HB2192: firearms; ammunition; storage; civil penalty, will break through and garner bi-partisan support.

"When you send a child off to a sleepover, you should expect them to come home, it's as simple as that," said Longdon, D-Phoenix. "This year and every year I've been here, we have introduced common-sense ideas, broadly supported by the public, that would save lives. None would infringe on the Second Amendment in the least. But each year we face a blockade that is backed by money and power, not logic. The Petillos are made of stronger stuff, and I'm inspired by their determination to make a difference and make sure no other families have to live through what they have experienced."

Bruce and Claire Petillo added, "Guns are now the leading cause of death for children in the United States. That is a fact we cannot turn away from. It is uncomfortable, and it should be. We know we can't bring Christian back, but we can help prevent the next child and family from suffering such a preventable tragedy. We are grateful to Representative Longdon's support for Christian's Law, which is the kind of safe-storage law that studies have proven to save lives."

Longdon noted that for the past several years polls show the vast majority of Americans support stronger gun violence prevention laws. On Monday, Moms Demand Action and other supporters of common-sense gun violence prevention will be at the State Capitol for a day of engagement. In addition to Christian's Law, Longdon has sponsored a slate of bills to reduce gun violence, including:

HB2177: Sentencing; concealed weapons permits; surrender

· Establishes a process for the surrender of a concealed weapons permit following a conviction for a felony or domestic violence offense

HB2178: patient information; gun safety; appropriation

· Requires a licensed physician to inform a parent or guardian during a child's visit of gun safety measures that can be taken in a home

HB2179: firearm transfers; domestic violence; offenses

· Provides that, upon the determination of a hearing on an order of protection, the court may prohibit a domestic violence offender from possessing a firearm

HB2180: firearm purchases; waiting period; offense

· Requires a 3-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm

HB2181: firearm dealers; firearms transfers; requirements

· Provides that, upon the determination of a hearing on an order of protection, the court may prohibit a domestic violence offender from possessing a firearm

HB2182: firearm sales; transfers; background checks

· Requires a firearm retailer to conduct a background check to ensure the purchaser is not under indictment for a crime punishable by more than a year in prison before completing the sale of a firearm

HB2183: firearm sales; permit verification; requirements

· Requires the Department of Public Safety to create and maintain a portal for a federally licensed firearms dealer to check the permit status of any person with a concealed weapons permit

HB2184: severe threat order of protection

· Creates a framework for filing a severe threat order of protection and securing firearms under order of protection

HB2185: TPT; exemption; firearm storage devices

· Exempts from transaction privilege tax the sale of firearm storage devices

HB2193: underage persons; possession; ownership; firearms

· Raises the age from 18 to 21 for an individual to legally possess or carry a firearm without supervision of specified individuals and adds that active members of the armed forces are excluded from the raised age requirement.


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