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PRESS RELEASE: 'Politics Over Science' – Bolding on Ducey Lifting COVID-19 Safety Precautions


March 25, 2021

PHOENIX— House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding released the following statement regarding Governor Ducey lifting remaining COVID-19 safety precautions, overriding local mask ordinances and occupancy restrictions on businesses and events.

"While Arizonans should be relieved that the infection rates of COVID-19 have dropped and more people are being vaccinated every day, this is no time to declare victory, and no time to override local governments that have instituted common-sense restrictions to protect public health. The fact remains that fewer than 25 percent of our population has received a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine and only one in six have received both doses. People are still getting sick and still dying. The Governor has gotten it wrong before and our state has paid a heavy price. This decision smacks more of politics than science. We strongly urge the public to keep wearing masks, keep social distancing and do not irresponsibly put yourself and others in danger just because the Governor has given the green light."


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