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Rep. Tsosie Demands Thorough Investigation in California Indigenous Sex Trafficking Case


PHOENIX – State Representative Myron Tsosie is calling for a thorough and serious investigation by military and local authorities into underage sex trafficking after a 14-year-old Indigenous girl was discovered in barracks with a Marine at Camp Pendleton, California. The girl had been missing for about two weeks after running away. Relatives of the girl alleged that she had "been sold to a soldier for sex." She has since been returned to her family. The Marine was taken into custody but later released pending further investigation.

"We need to hold authorities and the military accountable," said Tsosie, D-Chinle. "According to relatives, this young girl is a member of an Indigenous tribe. Because of the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous people in Arizona and around the country, this is a very sensitive issue that hits many of us personally. I am glad to hear the girl is safe and with family, but the authorities must investigate this matter thoroughly and hold anyone who compromised this girl's safety accountable. Indigenous communities everywhere are watching this closely."


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