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'We cannot let hate win' – Latino Caucus statement on HCR2060  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                               

May 8, 2024


PHOENIX – The Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus released the following statement regarding the Republican strike-everything amendment to HCR2060, which would create another "Show me your papers" law similar to Texas's SB4 and Arizona's unconstitutional SB1070:

“Changing the session rules for the sole purpose of introducing legislation that resembles a bill already vetoed this year is nothing more than the Republican majority seeking revenge on Arizona after losing on abortion rights. HCR2060’s new language is SB1070 'show me your papers' on steroids. It is an unconstitutional, legally unnecessary, intensely divisive, xenophobic measure designed by Republicans as an election-year dog whistle.


SB1070 was largely struck down by courts, but still terrorized our Latino communities for years while damaging our state’s economy and its reputation around the nation and world. HCR2060’s new language admits that this bill has the same constitutionality issues and would return us back to the SB1070 days by including a stipulation that it cannot be enforced unless SB4 in Texas is in affect, or the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its decision on SB1070.


Republicans added a declaration that this bill is to address the ‘public safety crisis’ happening at Arizona’s southern border, but this measure will not secure our border, or address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in any way. It will only make our Latino community and other communities of color, a target for unconstitutional policing and community harassment based on the color of our skin. If Republicans were serious about addressing the issues at the border, they would encourage Congress to pass the bipartisan federal border security bill that had the votes but was stopped when the MAGA former president decided he could campaign on the issue.


Voters know that our state has come far since the dark days of SB1070. Mexico is our largest trading partner, and our economies are intrinsically connected and aligned. This measure shows that Republicans are willing to sacrifice that progress and reverse our economic growth just to divide our state and hold onto power. We cannot, and will not, let hate win."

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