Every Arizona child deserves a world-class education. Democrats have fought for decades to invest more in education, but right-wing efforts to defund our public schools have held Arizona near the bottom nationally for per-pupil spending with 20 percent of students having no permanent qualified teacher in their classroom.

Arizona stays at the very bottom in the nation for teacher pay. We can’t develop well-educated children if we don’t have well-paid and qualified teachers. Those who educate our next generation shouldn't have to work multiple jobs to care for their own families.

Democrats support competitive living wages for all Arizona teachers.

Republicans have put all their energy into undermining voter-approved classroom investments. And now, without an immediate bipartisan resolution to lift an arbitrary cap on education spending set in 1980, we will not be able to make any further investments to K12 education, and schools will be forced to cut over $1 billion by April.

Additionally, we must end the partisan, right-wing attacks on teachers and school boards. We strive for a more perfect union, but we can agree it is not perfect yet. We must be able to have an open and honest conversation in the public sphere about racial injustice, and we must be honest and factual about our history in our classrooms.


No educator is interested in telling parents how to raise their children, but we can't be so fragile that teachers and school administrators are punished, fined, and fired for discussing the experience of the many cultures that have made our country exceptional.


Democrats support competitive living wages for all Arizona teachers.