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Reproductive Justice

Democrats will not shy away from ensuring every Arizonan has their full reproductive autonomy and privacy rights protected. We are committed to working with Governor Hobbs to remove the territorial ban on abortion, strengthen healthcare options for all, and ensure access to safe abortion care across our state.

 Our ultimate goal is to enact a constitutional amendment that restores abortion access for every Arizonan. 


For many, losing federal abortion protections has made their worst nightmares a reality. Republicans have been carrying out attacks on personal autonomy and reproductive healthcare for decades. This is as much a reproductive justice issue as it is an economic justice issue. Forcing people to give birth will trap many into generational cycles of poverty and violence.

The repeal of Roe v. Wade marked the first time that the Supreme Court stripped away a constitutionally protected right from the American people. We know that individuals and families are the most capable to make decisions about their futures.

Most Reproductive Justice policy with pass through the Health and Human Services and the Judiciary Committees. Meet our HHS and JUD teams:

Health and Human Services

Monday @ 2p.m.


Rep. Dr. Amish Shah
Ranking Member


Rep. Alma Hernandez


Rep. Patty Contreras

Chris Mathis HS.jpg

Rep. Christopher Mathis


Wednesday @ 9a.m.


Rep. Analise Ortiz
Ranking Member


Rep. Melody Hernandez


Rep. Lupe Contreras

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