Our state is a fast-growing and increasingly diverse land of opportunity – embodying all the unlimited potential, as well as the most challenging obstacles, that define 21st century rural and urban America. Arizona will be what we make it. For too long, misguided Republican leadership has put us years, if not decades, behind our economic competitors. They have kept our schools among the worst-funded in the country in favor of tax cuts for powerful special interests who prefer a backwards-looking status quo.


With the thinnest margins in decades and Democrats on the verge of a majority, we stand ready to lead as inclusive problem solvers to finally make the investments in education and infrastructure that Arizonans have long demanded. But we will not compromise our values. They are simple:  Democrats believe in science, equal rights and the transformative power of education. We believe in building a strong economy from the ground up, where working families earning fair pay drive growth through demand and a belief in a secure future. A state that is good for workers is a state that is good for business.


The vast majority of Arizonans believe in the same values. Senate and House Democrats have a unified vision to move our changing state forward with transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all. We look  forward to putting our ideas into action now – as Arizonans want – and in the very near future.



Invest in children

for healthy and 

sustainable future.

Fight for good jobs,

fair pay and

workplace rights.

Protect access to 



Empower people

not special 


Embrace our 

diversity, fight for 


Protect air, water

and land for 

generations to 


Build sustainable,


infrastructure &

affordable housing.