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As Arizona steps into a new era of values-driven, solutions-focused and inclusive leadership under Governor Katie Hobbs, House Democrats stand united and ready to move our state forward.


Our Blueprint for a Better Arizona reflects priorities that will give every Arizonan the opportunity to thrive, regardless of zip code: Strong schools, good jobs, equal rights, and safe, healthy communities. We will work together, with our new Governor and across the aisle, to put working families first, invest strategically to protect and uplift Arizonans living in poverty and grow our economy from the middle out. At the same time, we will steadfastly protect our freedoms and civil rights while ensuring your voices are heard in safe, secure elections.

The challenges that face the state we all love are immense – rising costs for housing, prolonged drought, chronically under-funded public schools and divisive culture-war attacks on democracy and our most vulnerable communities. Voters sent a clear message in 2022. They want their elected leaders to work together, and they want results. Democrats stand ready to deliver. By harnessing our collective strengths, and embracing our diversity and aligned values, we will chart a new and more productive course together.

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Our commitment to getting Arizonans vaccinated, back to work, and on their feet again is our highest priority.

Democrats will fight alongside education advocates, teachers, administrators and students to ensure quality funding.


We are steadfast in our mission to reject extremism, protect mail-in voting and repeal roadblocks hindering accessible voting for all.


We will uplift policy that address the failed War on Drugs, the gun violence epidemic, and historically high rates of incarceration.


Democrats will not shy away from ensuring every Arizonan has their full reproductive autonomy and privacy rights protected.

Dry Desert

The time has come to prioritize our precious resources with direct and unrelenting action. 

Wooden House

We believe that safe and secure housing anchors every other positive aspect of an individual's life. 

Without a doubt, our caucus is ready to meet Arizonans where they are, uplift the guidance of experts, and create a better reality for all. 

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