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Democrats Seek Censure of Rep. Liz Harris for Defamatory Elections Hearing, File Ethics Complaint


March 6, 2023

PHOENIX – House Democrats, led by Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, today moved to formally censure Republican Representative Liz Harris over untrue and defamatory criminal allegations against multiple public officials – including the Speaker of the House – made by her invited guest at a joint Elections Committee hearing on February 23.

The motion alleged that Harris engaged in disorderly conduct and facilitated defamation against the Speaker and other elected officials, judges and city employees. Stahl Hamilton added that Harris's actions have brought disrepute and embarrassment to the House of Representatives and aided the spread of harmful lies that have spread exponentially via social media and right-wing news outlets.

Instead of entertaining the motion, Republicans instead moved to recess with no action taken. Stahl Hamilton immediately filed an ethics complaint against Harris [See attachment].

"Eleven days ago, Representative Liz Harris invited a guest to speak at a joint Elections Committee hearing," Stahl Hamilton said. "Her star witness used our institution and platform to level – and put into the record -- vile smears of laundering money for the Sinaloa Drug Cartel against dozens of sitting judges, elected officials, and the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

She added, "These lies were picked up by partisan right-wing publications and social media influencers and quickly spread around the world before the truth could put on its pants. The damage can't be undone, but there should be some accountability while it's still spreading and compounding."

Stahl Hamilton waited until Monday to make the motion and file the complaint in hopes that Republican members, who have distanced themselves from Harris, would step up and demand accountability. But during that time, a coordinated email campaign has sent hundreds of messages threatening retribution against any members who try to hold Harris accountable for her damaging actions.

"I will not be intimidated," Stahl Hamilton said. "The lies must end now."


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