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Don't California our Arizona - Petersen Plan to Gut 100-year assured water supply is a non-starter


November 20, 2023 

PHOENIXArizona's 1980 Groundwater Management Act has helped Arizona absorb massive population growth responsibly for more than 40 years. In reported comments this weekend, Senate President Warren Petersen proposed scrapping Arizona's signature long-term water protection requiring a 100-year assured water supply for new development. Petersen, a real estate broker and new home builder, favors a more developer-friendly and shorter window similar to California's at 25 years. 

Today, Assistant Democratic Leader Oscar De Los Santos and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, both active on water policy, pledged to oppose any efforts to weaken Arizona's long-term water planning. Governor Katie Hobbs has already declared her opposition. 

"President Petersen wants to California our Arizona, and that just makes no sense in a desert state mitigating long-term drought," said De Los Santos. "Businesses and families make decisions to invest their lives or their companies here based on assurances we make. Bait and switch should not become state policy. Arizona has a dark history of land fraud that necessitated the Groundwater Management Act in the first place. It would be reckless and irresponsible to go back to those days." 

Rep. Stahl Hamilton added, "Gutting the 100-year assured water supply requirement might score a quick windfall for unscrupulous developers and realtors, but at what cost to those who buy homes where the water may simply dry up? And at what long-term cost to our state? Common sense dictates that you don't develop land without adequate natural resources for the population, and we will oppose any bill that takes common sense out of the equation." 


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