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Freshmen Contreras, De Los Santos to be 'Voices for Dignity' as LGBTQ Caucus Chairs


February 20, 2023

PHOENIX – The new dynamic dual Chairs of the Arizona LGBTQ Caucus plan to be a strong voice for equality and dignity in a legislative session with multiple bills circulating that scapegoat and target the LGBTQ community, especially transgender youth. Freshman Representatives Patty Contreras and Oscar De Los Santos, both of Phoenix, were recently chosen as co-Chairs of the Caucus.

“I have been in this community for over four decades. The recent attacks on gay, lesbian, and transgender people are the most toxic I have ever seen," said Contreras, D-Phoenix. "We need to stop vilifying our LGBTQ neighbors. We are your sisters and brothers, bankers and bus drivers, public servants, and professionals. We deserve to live long, happy, and healthy lives just like everyone else. There are over a dozen bills in the state legislature that are mean-spirited and hurtful to our community, especially our youth. We can and must do better.”

"The people of Arizona are open and inclusive. It’s the politicians who are trying to divide us," said De Los Santos, D-Phoenix. "That’s why we’re fighting to end the attacks on LGBTQ community, and especially the hateful attacks on transgender kids. Our message is simple: Everyone is equal and deserves the full protection of the law."


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