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House Democrats Call on White Nationalist Wendy Rogers to Resign After Senate Censure

PHOENIX— The Arizona House Democratic Caucus called on white nationalist Senator Wendy Rogers to resign after her Senate colleagues voted today to censure her for threatening colleagues and advocating political violence, but not for her string of anti-Semitic tweets and for speaking to a white nationalist conference last week and praising its openly racist organizer, Nick Fuentes, who then praised Adolf Hitler at the same conference.

"Anti-Semitic extremism has no place in the Arizona Legislature, and the First Amendment does not shield against revulsion and the consequences of hate speech," said House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding. "As she increasingly embraces extreme anti-Semitism in her public comments, Wendy Rogers has brought dishonor to the Legislature where she serves, and to the United States military, where she served previously. When called out for her abhorrent behavior -- where she also insulted the leaders and people of Ukraine as they were being invaded and killed by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin -- Rogers doubled down and called for political violence here at home. Then she explicitly threatened to ruin any Republican politician who dared to stand up to her.

"We can't be silent. No one should look the other way on extremism. And no one should accept this member's winking, transparently false excuses for her behavior. Senate Democrats and most Republicans rightfully voted to censure Wendy Rogers for her threats but should also have included her overt efforts to spread anti-Semitism and the politics of hate and division. Now Governor Ducey should do the same. And Wendy Rogers should do the decent thing, for once, and resign."


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