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LGBTQ Caucus statements on landmark SCOTUS ruling protecting LGBTQ from employment discrimination


June 15, 2020

PHOENIX, State Capitol – Members and stakeholders of the Arizona LGBTQ Caucus celebrated today's landmark 6-3 United States Supreme Court ruling protecting LGBTQ workers are protected under federal employment laws. The decision was a major step forward toward equality, but members cautioned that there is still much work to do because it is still legal to deny housing and accommodations in Arizona based on who you are and who you love.

Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr., Chair of the Arizona LGBTQ Caucus:

"Today In the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis and vitally important nationwide demonstrations in support of Black lives and against systemic racism the United States Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision declared that employers who fire an individual for being a member of the LGBTQ Community violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. During these dark times we must celebrate the fact that Arizonans can no longer be fired for who they are or who they love. But we have a long road to go. In Arizona you can still be discriminated against in stores, restaurants and hotels. You can still be denied housing. And most recently transgender Americans can be denied healthcare due to changes by the Trump Administration. Next year we look forward to passing an inclusive law that protects all Arizonans in housing and public accommodations."

Michael Soto, Executive Director of Equality Arizona:

"Today’s decision is a vital step in ensuring that LGBTQ+ Americans are fully equal under the law. This decision is a beginning and not an end, to what we hope renewed energy to win comprehensive protections for LGBTQ+ Arizonans and Americans. EQAZ is committed to working with the LGBTQ+ caucus to win these protections for LGBGTQ+ Arizonans by passing comprehensive statewide non-discrimination policy during the 2021 session."

Rep Cesar Chavez, Co-Founder of the LGBTQ Caucus:

“Over the years we have seen landmark decisions that have provided protections to numerous populations. Today’s Supreme Court decision is proof that all humans deserve equal protections afforded by the constitution of our nation."

Sen. Tony Navarrete, LGBTQ Caucus member:

"Today's SCOTUS ruling is a significant win for LGBTQ people throughout Arizona and our country. For years, Arizonans have been advocating for equal protections in the workplace for our LGBTQ community. No one should ever live in fear of losing their job and livelihood because of their sexual orientation and identity. I applaud the Supreme Court's 6-3 ruling to create a more just and equal country for all of its workers."

Bridget Sharpe, State Director Arizona Human Rights Campaign

“Today’s news is a landmark victory for equality. HRC AZ is committed to continuing our work to elect pro-equality leaders who will pass & sign the Equality Act in Congress and statewide protections in our legislature next year.”

Angela Hughey, One Community Executive Director

"Today’s decision is an important step forward for equality. But it is also a powerful reminder of how much work is left to do to ensure gay and transgender Arizonans have equal protections in all facets of life including housing, healthcare, and in public accommodations like restaurants, stores, hotels and more."


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