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Marsh, Terech congratulate Scottsdale on efforts to reclaim neighborhoods from short-term rentals


September 1, 2023

PHOENIX – The City of Scottsdale has delivered three proposals aimed at curtailing the proliferation of short-term rentals to the Arizona League of Cities and Towns and is confident they will become part of the league’s legislative agenda for the 2024 session of the Arizona Legislature. These proposals ask the Arizona Legislature to amend state law so that local governments can: (1) Cap the total number of short-term rentalsin their community, (2) Limit the density of short-term rentals in specified areas, (3) Establish separation requirements between short-term rentals.

“It was a mistake for the Legislature to pre-empt and hamstring the ability of Arizona cities and towns to govern short-term rentals in our communities. Short-term rentals have their place, but our neighborhoods have paid a heavy price for lack of oversight as more and more of our housing stock is converted to unregulated short-term rentals.

These common-sense proposals, which the Legislature should codify, will restore an important aspect of local control to cut down on party houses and other abuses.”


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