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PRESS RELEASE: AZ House Democratic Caucus on Trump’s call for mobilization of army against Americans


June 1, 2020

Arizona House Democratic Caucus statement on Trump’s call for mobilization of army against American civilians

PHOENIX – House Democratic Leader Charlene Fernandez (D-Yuma) released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s recent decision to mobilize the US military to control nationwide protests after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer on May 25.

“What Donald Trump did today was the act of a want-to-be dictator. Taking the outrageous step of authorizing military force against American civilians is a blatant attempt to tear our country apart and further divide us, and it moves our country further away from addressing the very real issue of racial discrimination and police violence that caused the demonstrations in the first place. Declaring war on American citizens does not honor the memory of George Floyd and the countless other African American and other minority victims of police brutality. Will Governor Ducey join Trump's military dictatorship and launch troops at Arizona citizens, or will he display the leadership that the President so clearly lacks?”


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