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PRESS RELEASE: Blueprint for a Better Arizona: Democratic leaders to present 2020 Priorities

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The 2020 Legislative Session in Arizona started on Monday, Jan. 13 and Democrats have hit the ground running. Starting early Monday morning, a coalition of progressive organizations – including striking Asarco miners, Red for Ed and other education supporters, advocates for LGBTQ and women’s rights, voting rights, environmental and climate concerns and more -- rallied at the Capitol to be heard by their legislators. House and Senate Democratic Leaders Charlene Fernandez and David Bradley then took the podium to present a unified 2020 Blueprint for a Better Arizona.

While Gov. Ducey and Republicans outlined another backwards-looking status quo agenda with more unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible tax cuts while treading water on education investment, Democrats outlined a common-sense alternative that better reflects Arizona values.

As Rep. Fernandez stated in her fiery opening-day speech: “With the thinnest margins in decades and Democrats on the verge of a majority, we stand ready to lead – inclusively, as problem solvers --- to finally make the investments in education and infrastructure that Arizonans like you been demanding. We are ready to lead. We are ready to work with everybody. But we will not compromise our values. And those values are simple: Democrats believe in science, equal rights and the transformative power of education. We believe in building a strong economy from the ground up, where working families earning fair pay drive growth through demand and a belief in a secure future. A state that is good for workers is a state that is good for business!”

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