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PRESS RELEASE: Cano statement on "discriminatory" bill to end age-appropriate sex education

Updated: Mar 9, 2020


PHOENIX, State Capitol - Representative Andrés Cano today announced his opposition to SB1082, a bill introduced by Senator Sylvia Allen this week, that aims to remove sex education from the state curriculum before the seventh grade.

"Age appropriate sex education is currently handled at the local school district level - and the law already makes it optional for parents and students. We should not get in the way of local control," said Cano, D-Tucson. "Senator Allen is stirring up controversy and panic with misinformation on an issue with broad public support. At a time when schools are underfunding and when we have a growing teacher shortage, the Legislature's first week back at work will instead be discussing whether LGBT students have the right to feel safe at schools."

Can added, "This bill is nothing more than a discriminatory distraction, and it is exactly the kind of division that Arizonans are tired of from out-of-touch lawmakers at their Capitol. The bill has prompted talks by analysts of a return to previous statute that had been repealed by legislators in 2019. The law repealed had said schools were banned from promoting "homosexual lifestyles," which making no provisions for limited promotion of other lifestyles. Senator Allen was one of the 10 GOP senators was against the repeal."

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