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PRESS RELEASE: DeGrazia Introduces Bill to Protect Arizonans' Consumer Data

Updated: Mar 5, 2020


PHOENIX, State Capitol - Rep. Domingo DeGrazia this week introduced legislation that would protect consumer data held by private companies.

Under Representative DeGrazia's proposed House Bill 2729, Arizona residents can ask companies to disclose what information they collect, the purposes for the collection, and direct that companies delete that information or opt-out of marketing.

The Arizona Constitution provides for protection of privacy. With increasing data collection for marketing, and increasing numbers of data breaches.

"Arizonans have the right to privacy in our Constitution. That includes the right to know who is collecting our personal information and for what purpose," said DeGrazia, D-Tucson. "Data collection and aggregation is a new frontier that is without meaningful consumer protections. As legislators we swore an oath to uphold our Constitution and that means passing laws to protect the data privacy rights of our constituents. The United States Congress has shown no inclination to pass a federal law. This bill gives Arizonans the ability to control their own information without burdening business."

The bill is waiting to be assigned to committee by Speaker Bowers.

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