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PRESS RELEASE: 'Enough is Enough!' Sierra Demands Trump Concession


PHOENIX – Arizona Representative Lorenzo Sierra today called on President Donald Trump to immediately concede the 2020 presidential election after his latest embarrassing losses in court and after his supporters – fueled by misinformation about phony election fraud claims – directed racial slurs at an African American House staff member.

“During Rudy Giuliani’s disastrous press conference on behalf of Donald Trump, the Arizona House of Representatives was flooded with calls from across the country by Trump supporters questioning the legitimacy of Arizona’s 2020 presidential election,” Sierra said. “These callers fed off of Trump and his campaign's dangerous lies, threatening both our democracy and the people who work so hard to uphold it. One of the many people hit by their hate was an African American House staff member, who was called a racial slur simply for doing his job.”

Sierra believes President Trump must accept the results of the election and the results of the 30 court cases his campaign has lost. In fact, today an Arizona judged dismissed the Trump campaign’s latest election-related Maricopa County lawsuit, while encouraging elections officials to seek attorney's fees from the Republican Party for wasting everyone's time.

“The people have spoken – fairly. It’s time for the President to accept defeat,” Sierra said. “President Trump’s unfounded election rhetoric – dangerously amplified by his elected and non-elected supporters – could lead to physical violence and further division. For the good of the country he must concede.”

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