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PRESS RELEASE: House Democrats Statement on Invest in Ed Court Loss and Appeal


July 31, 2020

PHOENIX – House Democratic Leader Charlene Fernandez released the following statement today after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge cited a technicality to rule the Invest in Ed citizen's initiative ineligible for the 2020 ballot. That ruling is under appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court.

"Our public schools deserve better than this," said Fernandez, D-Yuma. "This ruling – which elevates a technicality over our constitutional right to direct democracy – disregards the 400,000 plus Arizona voters who wanted this to go forward. Voters knew exactly what they were signing with Invest in Ed, we've been talking about this issue for years. There was no confusion. This judge held Invest in Ed to an impossible standard where a ballot measure must – in effect – use its opposition's talking points and include minor aspects of the proposal that can't possibly fit in 100 words. Arizona schools and teachers have been disrespected for too long, and the Arizona Supreme Court should right this wrong as soon as possible."


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