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PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Teller Calls on Gov Ducey to Meet with Concerned White Mountain Business Owners


SHOW LOW, Arizona – Rep. Arlando Teller is inviting Gov. Ducey to meet directly with struggling and concerned business owners and constituents in the White Mountain communities Teller represents to answer questions about re-opening in accordance with the Governor's COVID-19 shutdown orders. After hearing from constituents, Teller had made this request directly to the Ducey's staff but was turned down after being told the Governor was not attending any events with large crowds to respect his executive order.

"I invited the Governor to Show Low to meet with constituents to address the status of the pandemic and his executive orders and was told the Governor would love to go around the state, but that his orders restrict large crowds," said Teller, D-Chinle. "But then I saw him at the Republican National Convention, not wearing a mask. These are constituents who have put their life savings into their businesses, they are struggling, and they want to meet with their Governor. They have told me the meeting would be outside, with 25-50 people, socially distanced. If the Governor can attend the RNC, he can meet with his constituents."


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