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PRESS RELEASE: Rodriguez Denounces Baseless GOP Lawsuits Attacking Election Results

For Immediate Release November 16, 2020

PHOENIX— Rep. Diego Rodriguez denounced frivolous lawsuits by the Trump campaign and Republicans, as well as spurious attacks on the vote-counting equipment used by the Maricopa County Recorder's Office and other elections officials, as a deeply cynical campaign to undermine public confidence in elections.

"The mendacious attacks on our election system and election officials in Arizona have all been thoroughly debunked, but because they keep being repeated with no regard for the truth, they continue to corrode the public's confidence in our elections," said Rodriguez, D-Phoenix, an attorney who serves on the House Elections and Judiciary committees. “These tactics of a defeated administration and its local allies --namely Congressmen Biggs, Gosar and Schwiekert -- are deeply cynical, wrong and they must stop. Our systems were tested before and after the election and no issues were found. There is no credible evidence of defects within our elections systems. Those who claim otherwise have the burden of proof and, to put it charitably, they failed miserably. If anything, the court testimony we heard last week from the Trump campaign's own witnesses showed how well our election was run. I am a trained attorney who believes in facts established by credible evidence. I will continue to put my trust in Arizona's safe and secure elections systems and the people who run them. All of us who believe in our representative democracy will defend them from any unfair attacks, no matter who makes them."


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