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Senate and House Democratic Caucuses Sen. David Bradley, LD 10, Senate Democratic Leader Rep. Charlene Fernandez, LD 4, House Democratic Leader FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

April 30, 2020

Statement from Senate and House Democrats on Ongoing Legislative Recess

PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader David Bradley and House Democratic Leader Charlene Fernandez released the following statement regarding the continuing legislative recess due to the COVID19 crisis announced by House Speaker Rusty Bowers and Senate President Karen Fann earlier today.

“Senate and House Democrats remain ready to return to work to further address the COVID-19 crisis and make any necessary adjustments to the budget. Our priority should be helping hard-working Arizonans weather this pandemic and helping small businesses get the resources and assistance they need to stay afloat during this difficult time so they can ultimately bounce back. If we are not there to work on COVID-19-related issues, then the Speaker and Senate President should not put members, staff and the public at risk by resuming the legislative session for business as usual. Furthermore, we have now topped 7,600 cases and 320 Arizona residents have lost their lives to this awful disease, 45 in the last three days. Compliance with social distancing seems to be having positive results, but we have not yet met the standards outlined by the Centers for Disease Control to safely re-open. Our members will keep working around the clock helping Arizonans weather this storm and our focus continues to be on keeping all of Arizona safe and healthy."


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