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Senate and House Dems say no to grandstanding, divisive comm't attacking universities


November 27, 2023

PHOENIX -- The House and Senate Democratic Caucuses released the following statement to announce that no caucus members will attend Monday's second meeting of the Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Committee on Freedom of Expression at Arizona’s Public Universities.


“The last time the Senate and House Democratic Caucuses joined this 'free speech' committee on July 18 it unnecessarily lasted five hours with no discernable value to the public. This committee was nothing more than grandstanding with an attempt to further spread misinformation and division. It was made clear that Republican elected officials continue to prop up falsehoods and possibly undermine the safety of students and faculty, as happened when an alt right camera crew subsequently harassed and assaulted a professor who is a member of the LGBTQ community on the ASU campus. 


We have no intention of dragging this out further: ASU has the responsibility - not only to their students but to the state - to follow proper protocols so all voices can be heard on campus. We know that ASU followed all traditional procedures to accommodate alt-right conservative speakers. ASU must always follow their procedures no matter who the speaker is. We do not think that this committee will objectively help ASU to take the necessary steps to ensure respect for all speakers to be heard.  Our Democratic Caucus will follow up with ASU and Arizona Board of Regents to confirm improved procedures and consistent application of procedures to protect freedom of speech."




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