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PRESS RELEASE: Sarah Liguori reappointed to House, returns to fill vacant LD 5 seat


February 7, 2024

PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has appointed community and non-profit leader Sarah Liguori to fill a seat in the Democratic Caucus vacated recently by Representative Jennifer Longdon. This marks a return to the House for Liguori, who previously served in 2021 and 2022 after being appointed to replace former Representative Aaron Lieberman.


"I am honored and eager to return to the Legislature and to the work I love," said Liguori. "I'm looking forward to being back with my Democratic caucus as we push for solutions that will improve the lives of those who live in our great state."


An Arizona native with a long history of community engagement, Liguori currently serves as a senior director at the Arizona Community Foundation where she oversees an affordable housing and rural development loan fund. With a background in economics from the University of Arizona, Liguori also brings business experience working in commercial real estate and financial planning to her new role.


"We could not be more thrilled that Sarah Liguori is returning to our caucus," said House Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras. "She was an exceptional and effective member in her prior service – always thoughtful and always laser-focused on her constituents. We expect her to pick up right where she left off."




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